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Impact Pro Multigas Monitor

The Impact range of portable multigas monitors is able to monitor and display up to four gases simultaneously, including flammable and oxygen gases, as well as up to two further toxic gases.

impact pro

Sensors are housed in one of two types of plug-in cartridge. A pre-calibrated disposable cartridge is used for oxygen, flammable, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide sensors. The disposable cartridge can easily be replaced and then re-calibrated in less than two minutes using Enforcer, a unique calibration accessory designed to simplify operation, reduce downtime and minimize cost wherever possible.

Impact is a compact and rugged detector designed for tough environments. Small, lightweight and unobtrusive, it is ideal for use in confined spaces where entry and exit may be difficult. Impact is designed to work how you want it to. Gas checks prior to entering a confined space can be carried out using a drop line, hand aspirator or via an optional built-in pump that turns on and off automatically when the sampling tube is connected.

Ultra-bright alarm lights and a powerful audible alarm, coupled with a periodic green flash and bleep, provide user confidence that monitoring is always in operation and alarms are never missed. In addition, Impact uses a large, multi-lingual, backlit display with intuitive menu system to ease use and minimize operator training.

Impact Pro also includes Safelink which allows two instruments to be connected together. The ´Attendant´ at the point of entry to a confined space permanently monitors the ´Entrant´ in the working area and communications are continually checked.

Supplied complete with all necessary accessories, instruments are ready for use out of the box.

Reliable Operation

  • Pre-calibrated plug-in sensor cartridge
  • High specification sensors
  • Stable and accurate
  • Reflex technology minimizes

Easy to Use

  • One button on/off
  • Multi-lingual, intuitive menu system
  • On screen prompts guide user
  • Built-in correction factors for flammable gases
  • Minimal training required

Easy to Maintain

  • Plug-in operation for all serviceable parts
  • Cartridge replacement in under one minute
  • Re-calibration in under two minutes when using Enforcer
  • Minimized cost of ownership

Durable Housing

  • Rugged and impact resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Built for everyday use

Alarm Indication

  • 3 levels of instantaneous alarm, time weighted average alarms on toxic
  • Periodic confidence flash and bleep
  • Increasingly rapid flashing, ultra-bright alarm LEDs
  • Powerful two tone audible alarm
  • Vibrating alarm for noisy environments
  • Safelink communications

User Friendly Pre-entry Check

  • Peak hold function and drop line
  • Hand aspiration
  • Optional built-in automatic pump
  • Totally flexible
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