stopfor S
stopfor s

Individual, vertical, sliding fall arrest device. It ensures protection against falls when a user moves vertically along an anchorage line (textile rope).

Fall arrest device; free vertical movement at normal speed. Housing may be opened by using the captive screw and flat bolt. Locking is due to the differential speed which engages an eccentric cam during the fall, between the user and the device on its support. The energy is absorbed by the lengthening of the support (>10%) and by the sliding movement along it.
The device has a locking ring which prevents attachment to the support upside down. An arrow indicates the correct direction of movement and position for attachment to the support.

- Double safety for opening and closing.
- Compact.
- Cannot be dismantled.
- No maintenance required.( Inspection before use to ensure correct operation is sufficient).
- Polished stainless steel finish.
- Fastening of personal protective equipment to back D-ring of the harness by means of integrated connector.
- Fastening of safety support to anchor point by suitable connector.

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