Neoprene-Coated, Interlock Knit-Lined

The neoprene coating on Neox gloves provides better all-around resistance to cuts, abrasions, and chemicals than most other glove coatings, while the interlock knit cotton lining enhances puncture and snag resistance. Curved fingers and a wing thumb provide a natural fit and greater comfort, and the two-piece lining eliminates irritating seams.


Refining and petrochemical • Degreasing • Plating • Metal fabrication • Handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols, and many solvents • HazMat work.

Hi-Lo Temperature Style

Style Description Size
9-022 Fully coated, 12" gauntlet (insulates against heat or cold) 10 (Mens)
Lighter Weight Flexible styles
Style Description Size
9-908 Fully coated, knitwrist heat or cold) 10 (Mens)
9-912 Fully coated, 12" gauntlet extra flexible 10 (Mens)

9-430Fully coated, 31" shoulder- length gauntlet (available in pairs or single hands)10 (Mens)
9-909Fully coated, knitwrist10 (Mens)
9-922Fully coated, 12" gauntlet10 (Mens)
9-924Fully coated, 14" gauntlet10 (Mens)
9-928Fully coated, 18" gauntlet10 (Mens)
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