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GoldKnit Plus Mediumweight

goldKnitplusmediumweight100% Kevlar® Plus FibreShield® ReinForcer String Knit

This mediumweight 100% Kevlar Plus glove is treated with our patented FibreShield process which enables the glove to repel liquids. Also, when laundered, FibreShield actually helps release grease and oil imbedded in the glove, which helps extend the glove’s life up to 30% longer. In addition, the ReinForcer, a hand-saving cross-over stitch knitted into the thumb welt, helps provide greater protection and durability. The glove provides medium-duty protection from the sharp edges of metals, glass, plastics, and similar materials, and is available in three sizes.


Automotive (trim and final inspection, protection from welding sparks) • Durable goods (handling raw materials) • Injection molding • General assembly • Inspection.

Style Description Size
70-210 Kevlar Plus, mediumweight KCP2000ARTFS 7 (S)
KCP2100ARTFS 8 (M)
KCP2200ARTFS 9 (L)
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