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Vinyl Protective Sleeves

Vinyl-Protective-SleevesLow-Cost Protection for Worker’s Arms

Ansell offers the industry’s most complete line of protective sleeve materials and styles. From vinyl, urethane, and hycar (nitrile blend), to neoprene, denim, and cane mesh, there is an Ansell sleeve for practically every application. Workers are protected against chemicals, snags, punctures, and abrasions. Cane mesh styles offer a high level of cut resistance. Vinyl styles are completely heat-sealed with no exposed elastic.


Food processing • Meat packing• Assembly • Electronics • General manufacturing.

Style Description Size
59-001 Blue, white, clear vinyl, 8 mil 18"
59-002 Blue, clear vinyl, 4 mil 18"
59-010 Yellow urethane, elastic both ends 18"
59-012 Yellow urethane, cuff both ends 18"
59-040 White hycar, elastic both ends 18"
59-050 Yellow neoprene, elastic both ends 18"
59-052 Yellow neoprene, cuff both ends 18"
59-200 White polyethylene, embossed, sleeve 16"
59-201 Blue polyethylene, embossed, sleeve 16"
59-500 Blue denim, elastic both ends 16", 18"
59-502 Blue denim, cuff both ends 18"
59-801 Black cane mesh 7", 8", 9"


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